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Sean Tice Photography: Portraits   
04:07pm 22/08/2012
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My video Resume   
12:19pm 12/07/2012
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Fata Naturii- The Face of Nature New photo book   
09:43am 16/07/2011
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11:20pm 05/07/2011
James K. Tice 1934-2008 my beloved Father   
08:44am 09/12/2008
  Dad Passed away last night enroute to hospital in St. Louis. His condition worsened to the point that surgury was deemed necessary. Sadly, he was unable to bear the burdon of his conition long enough to recieve that care.

We are making arrangements for the funeral now. I will try to send word about those details as I get them.

I want to thank you all for the kind words of support you had for our family these past few weeks.

Please, feel free to pass along this information to anyone you feel needs to know.

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Welcome to the NEW 21st century!   
09:55pm 04/11/2008
  No matter what your political point of view, no matter for whom you voted. This is a great historic day.

I for one, am happy to have been alive and to have been a part of it.

Congratulations to President Elect Obama!
What Karma?   
07:00am 10/06/2008
  Last Friday I woke with a serious sinus issue. I cam to work thinking it would clear up. My Right Eye was red - all red and watery. It was draining non-stop. MY right nostril was plugged, no matter how much I blow my nose. I and it too was draining non stop. Soon it was clear this was not going to get better without medical intervention. I took half a day off to go see the doctor.

On my drive down the busy Santa Fe corridor the young lady in front of me slammed into the car in front of her. I stopped just short of hitting her. The car she hit took off, later we discovered she simply drove down and around the corner. I got out to check on the young girl, Lauren, to see if she was all right.

I was being a good samaritan. I waited for the police to show, ave my witness statement (thought they cared little for it) then one officer said to me, "You know, you are leaking?". "Yeah" I said, Sinus problem... "No, I mean your car."

Somehow, not sure how, but somehow I received a puncture in the Plastic "overflow" tank of my radiator. Fluid was spewing out and I had to push the Jeep to the side of the road. I waited there for it to cool down, and added fluid. Wouldn't start. Ok. Wait for the thing to cool some more. The tow truck came and picked up Lauren and her car. I stayed by the side of the road for about an hour since the accident. Finally I got it to start with a jump from the construction foreman at the site next to the road.

Drove Straight to the nearest repair shop that I knew of in the area. Midas shop. I hate them, never wanted to use them again - after the last experience. But, I did could not shop around at this point. I knew I only had a little time to travel before the jeep would heat up again and I would be in trouble. So, Midas got my Business once again.

I still needed to get to the doctor for my sinus issue. I left the jeep there, and headed toward the bus stop. About 100 yards from it, the bus stopped. Then, The bus left. I missed the bus. I knew from past experience that this bus was on a 45 minute cycle so, I had to walk. I tried calling a cab, but they could not get to me for and hour and that was not going to work. I had just over and hour before my doctors appointment.

I walked. And Walked. There are a lot of long hills to walk between Midas and the doctors office. Five miles of hills. I walked as fast as I could. got there late, tired, sweating, out of breathe with my nose and one eye running profusely. She gave me some meds, (excellent meds by the way). And I walked across the street to Taco Bell to plan the next move.

Midas called, Claimed I had some serious work to do- 1500$ to repair the jeep. WHAT? I need them to change the overflow container. I was able to reach my brother and have him come to shuttle me back. I had a heated discussion with Midas and finally got them forget all the "package" deals they wanted me to buy and to just fix the part I needed.

Yesterday after work I got to the jeep, hopped in and turned the key. It sounded a little strained, but it started. Later on I had to go pick up the wife. Turned the key, strained again, but it started. I had time to drive, and left it running while i waited for her to get off. Shut it down, waited five minutes. Started fine. Ok. No problem.

This morning I got in,turned the key, it sound a bit more strained but started. Drove to the lightrail station. Turned it off and got ready to depart. Thought for a moment and decided to turn it over again, just curious. It started but sounded even more strained by the effort. WTF?

I thought if you did good, good would come to you. I did good friday. And this has been the return so far. Geez. And no, I bought a ticket, but did not win even a buck back from the lottery.
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07:27am 07/04/2008
  Here are the number of times, according to NEXIS, that various topics have been mentioned in the media over the past thirty days:

“Yoo and torture” - 102
“Mukasey and 9/11″ — 73
“Yoo and Fourth Amendment” — 16
“Obama and bowling” — 1,043
“Obama and Wright” — More than 3,000 (too many to be counted)
“Obama and patriotism” - 1,607
“Clinton and Lewinsky” — 1,079

This Was posted on the Air America Website this morning. So very very sad. copy and paste this email to all your favorite media outlets. Ask them to pursue the topics that matter adn leave off the fluff and filler. There are far more important matters to be discussing.
06:42am 31/08/2007
  A while back I posted a promo of my friend Jeff's CD (

Well, He is now a plying in a band and they are fast tracking it through the local scene here in Denver. booked solid through sept! you can find them at


A local Radio station is hold its best band in Denver contest and Boat Car could use your help- go to

the more plays the higher up the list they go so go often, play and enjoy!

Many thanks in advance to everyone who helps!
06:23am 31/08/2007

It has been a while since my last post. What's been happening?

Had my 38th birthday, a troupe of family visitors and lovely news in form of a re-acquaintance opportunity with a long lost niece. Her mother left my Brother 28 years ago and kept the him form seeing the kids-- in fact hide away with them. My Niece is now married and has kids of her own. Wonderfully, She wanted to reach out and connect with her father and the rest of our family. Which is absolutely, with out a doubt, 100% beautiful for her, my brother and our family. I could have asked for a better Birthday Gift!

Another Niece of mine is now here in town to start her collage career! kind of makes me feel old, but We are excited for her, and happy to have her in the area so we can spend more time with her, well, somewhat more time.

sept 3rd is my wedding anniversary- 1 year. Doesn't seem that long ago, I remember the day like it just happened. It a wonderful day- but it's kind of sad for us as we both wish we could be traveling back to Romania.

yearning for Tera Romanesca is even more substantial as I have begun working on a screenplay covering the Life and times of the real Vlad Tepes- Dracula.
I have been doing research and outlines for the story and can't help but wish I was there- remembering visits to many of the places within the story. For now, It will have to be visits in my imagination (helps to have so many photos-
What Do You Have To Say? - Photography: The Best Advice   
08:23am 29/08/2007
What's the best advice you've given or gotten for taking good photos?

It is not always the best equipment that takes the best shot, it's the vision of the photographer, the location and timing.
Highs And lows   
07:09am 06/06/2007
  The news of the recent past. My wife got her Green Card (conditional) and work permit. Within a few days she landed a job as a cashier at the local Hobby store.

We closed on a Condo and have purchased furniture and painted the place, should be moved in over this next weekend.

Last week, an old friend from back home came out to visit. He is a year between my younger brother and myself so we are all good friends. He was out for the week and we had some good times. And Bad times came back with a force. Sat June 2. The three of us went up to the mountains and rented 4 wheelers. We had a Four hour tour on the ATV's and had a great time (we mostly had the trails to ourselves.

Unfortunately there was an accident at the end of the day.

My brother flipped his ATV over on top of himself- shattered his nose and broke his face. He has had surgery and is now home recovering.

The reason for this post:

Highs & lows Going from such a natural high living & loving life. shear joy to utter sadness and depression. I was about 5 feet behind Eran when the accident happened. I was helpless to stop it, had to watch it unfold unable to get to him before the bike came down on top of him. I was however, able to get there within a second and kept the ATV from falling back down onto him. I pulled him out and away from the wreck. My first aid training kicked in and i was able to calm him down and check his injuries. It was horrific. It took about an hour to get him down the mountain to the pick up point to get help. Then another 30-40 minutes to drive him down to the nearest hospital.

Fortunately his face fractured along the natural seem of his upper jaw and not across the mid face or eyes. No neck or brain damage - thanks to his helmet.

I keep seeing the accident and immediate aftermath play out in my mind. Sometimes I even feel the crush of the impact( I heard and can still hear the sound of his face cracking) I have been having nightmares since. It is very difficult to see him, though I know he is getting better and will recover fine. Its just sickening to see him deformed as he is, to know he is in such terrible pain, I wish I could trade places with him. I know I did everything I could to help, to stabilize him, to get him to safety. I kept my calm and level head until we got to the hospital. Then the realization of what happened, the impact of the event on my emotionally and physically took hold.

After all the good, happy, fortunate events of the past month, after all that joy and happiness. This event, those few seconds have stripped all that away. I guess this is some sort of post traumatic stress or something. I think maybe I need to see a doctor or counselor, I may need some help dealing with all of this.

I wish I could take it all back and keep it from happening.
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08:54am 21/01/2007
  Its up an running...

Though I still have a lot of work to do, there are images up to view!

any thoughts?
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support for the arts   
07:17am 31/10/2006

Its been while...

I have a couple of plugs to make today. One for me, one for my friend Jeff. Jeff is an great adn talented friend. He has released his first cd. The website features the music- log on and listen for free. explore the site and check out his scuplture and written work...

feedback is wonderful...via me here, or contact him directly and tell him Uncle Punky steered you his way!

For me: Photography. Specifically, some of the Dracula Castle pics I shot in Romania. The starbucks coffee in my office building allows local artists space on the wall to display and sell. I have 10 framed images up currently. Sadly no sales- yet. Yesterday a local news station did a shot piece on Starbucks and my photography is in the background shot (hasn't aired yet so not sure what it looks like on tv).
In the meantime... with a little help form Jeff, I hope to have a website up soon with more photography... I will announce its debut as soon as its up and running.
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the afterlife   
06:53am 15/09/2006
  Back in the USA!

this is now the third day, we are here and settling in. I went to the DMV yesterday, go my DL back - today I will have to work the bank account and lay out a budget for two. Next business, more paperwork for the Govt. to get her a work visa, and finalize the immigration process.
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the big day   
09:55am 03/09/2006
  this is the day. the day of the end. the end of my life as i know it. the end of my bachelor-hood. I am currently typing this post from a beauty salon in Romania. my bride to be is in the other room being prepared for the final hour. the execution of my single-ness.

It is about 10: am at the time of this post... sunday sept 3 2006. I have until 1:15 pm to enjoy life. then the universe changes... i will be Married and (to do it here) babtised into the Eastern Orthodox church.

Well will be joined in matramony under the roof of a 250 year old Basilica, the ceremony all in Romanian...which is ok since the groom never knows what is happening on a day like this.

So many thoughts to play through in my head, so many emotions, so little time...

I hope to survive this day and each after with some measure of good fortune. This is my first (and only) marraige, i am excited about the journey, afraid, but excited.

See you all again soon... in the next life :-0

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umm...gee. i ahh, umm...   
07:53pm 02/04/2006

yeah i know,
I got no friends.

sure, i do... listed. but... Really?

well sometimes maybe, a response.

Anyway, what about personal freedom? I mean, taking the plunge, telling your boss to go shove it...?

I mean, when you can see life, why go back to the hole?

I want to go out on my own... some way...

I am goood at photography...

HOw can I make money with that?
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Dont you Hate it when...   
05:55pm 19/01/2006
  Your interested in someone and, as you may have some time together, timing is off -
for myriad reasons things just dont connect...

and then..

you are otherwise pre-occupied
That person (or in my case - persons)
show's up and confesses their interest in you -
They come around having suddenly "found" desire for you.

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Romanian travels completed....for now   
08:59pm 09/11/2005
  I Have returned safely.

I had sooo much fun and am filled to the brim with adventure tales.

Sadly I haven't the time to put them down jsut yet...

I have a ton of pics to edit and a pic hosting site to sare them with all,


in the meantime,



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01:08am 27/10/2005
ITs the night before I depart to Romania.
I am trying to gain an advantage over the packing situation-
-tight fit into a carry on.
I have managed everthing else but this.

Decided to take a break, and think, or not.
Turned on the tv and flipped to the fist available movie channel
Just in time to catch the opening of the feature



Random find?
Or something else?